The female empowerment platform providing a support network to ambitious, independent, and dedicated women. Our aim is to bring women together to facilitate personal and professional development and enhance strength of character. We create opportunity to drive change by discovering each others’ potential.

We are a union. We are Doyenne.



Allowing you to be your true self.

Creating connections and opportunities for collaboration advances self development. When we learn from one another, we discover more about ourselves, enabling us to grow.


Listen to understand.

We provide a space to have a voice, share experiences and inspire others.

We want to hear from real life women with real life experiences. Every story has meaning and every meaning has value.

What we’ve been up to…

We want to equip like minded women with the skills and confidence to face life’s challenges and enhance character building in a positive environment. Instilling self belief and promoting a well-rounded persona that stems from love and respect is at the heart of our mission.

It is she who holds self respect, self accountability, and self assurance who will rise.”